Weekly bread

I don’t cook. Ok, that’s a bit strong – I almost never cook. My husband is a terrific cook and actually enjoys doing it, so the kitchen is largely his domain. The big exception to this rule is baking, and in particular the bread machine. That was Mr. Snail Bait’s birthday present last summer, and I have baked at least one loaf of bread in it per week since then. I love this thing. Last night, since I had completely run out of sandwich bread for myself, I tossed together a loaf of Scandinavian Light Rye, set the timer …

Bread flour, rye flour, vital wheat gluten flour, brown sugar, salt, caraway seeds ... and yeast

… and had a fragrant loaf waiting for me when I got up this morning. (I also woke up at 3am when the beeper went off to let me know I could add things if I wanted to, but we’ll ignore that.) Of course we were in too much of a rush this morning for me to remember to take a picture of the finished loaf, but it looked like a loaf of bread. You can use your imagination for now.


About snail bait

Knitter always looking for new skills; enthusiastic but amateur gardener; scientist-in-training; new momma.
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4 Responses to Weekly bread

  1. Mmmm! You may have just convinced me to get a bread machine…fresh baked bread overnight – too good to be true!

    • snail bait says:

      I have a LOT to say about the bread machine — but the short version is that I love it, it is wonderful, and if you want homemade bread but don’t have time to knead/rise/etc yourself (which I don’t), a bread machine is wonderful. Or at least THIS bread machine is wonderful. We haven’t bought sandwich bread since the machine arrived.

  2. Gina says:

    I wish I could me one of those that could say..my husband loves to cook, it’s his domain. I like to cook to an extent, but man it sure would be nice to have a break once in a while. Lucky gal.
    I bet it was wonderful waking up to fresh baked bread smell! Yum.

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