Hello blog! Hello summer!

Oh look! A functioning computer! A kid who isn’t sick right now (knock on every wood and faux-wood surface within reach)! And … dahlias! Welcome back snails. I missed you.

Alpen Cherub, 4" collarette

Four out of the first five plants to flower in my yard this year (excluding those in the window boxes) are white or near-white collarettes. Yes, these really are early bloomers!* One Taratahi Ruby (red waterlily) is the only other plant blooming yet.

Taratahi Ruby, 4" waterlily

The peas are out in force, though! This is our first year really planting peas, and we’re absolutely loving them. Maybe next year we’ll make the support a little higher.


OMG peas! and potatoes! with munchkin's little play structure for "scale"

* For context, this year we’ll have at least 56 dahlia plants, representing 38 different varieties, which is why it’s so surprising that the first four plants to bloom were all little white collarettes.


About snail bait

Knitter always looking for new skills; enthusiastic but amateur gardener; scientist-in-training; new momma.
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